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Maximizing Efficiency: 6 Best Practices for Manufacturing Customer Portals

Increasingly, the old methods for dealing with customer needs are not good enough for the modern customer—or your own service teams. Customers expect to be able to self-service effectively, while your internal teams struggle with efficiency when customer requests mount. For example, having to search for a spare part on one system, then ordering it through another system, and then using yet another site for aftersales support creates a disjointed, inefficient, and frustrating experience.

The solution? The right customer portal can help you improve your customer experience and service strategy by providing these benefits:
  • Connected systems
  • Streamlined onboarding
  • Automation of complex ordering workflows
  • Better overall search experience
  • And more!

Read this guide to dive deep into the 6 digitalization best practices for maximizing efficiency in customer service with a customer portal.

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