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Enterprise Architect


The Activation Stage is where you make final preparations and go live! You've made good on the goals you defined at the beginning of your Journey, and now you get to see your solution in the real world. In this stage, you'll also create an optimization and iteration lifecycle that can continue as necessary.

Estimated Time to Complete Stage: 30 Minutes

Go Live

Estimated Completion Time: 1 week | High Intensity
Deploy the platform to live. You now have the chance to see how your platform works in real-time with real users.
Intro to the Go Live Phase | 00:21 


Milestone Checkpoint

Make sure you have:
  • Verified that all teams involved are in alignment to ensure launch efficacy
  • Executed a successful live rollout based on your initial plans
  • Opened your store
  • Confirmed that customers are able to buy products
  • Identified and checked your change management program

Iteration, Optimization, and Scaling

Estimated Completion Time: 1–2 Weeks | High Intensity
Iterate, optimize, and scale your platform. Determine improvements and repeat the process.
Intro to the Iteration, Optimization, and Scaling Phase | 00:35


Milestone Checkpoint

Make sure you have:
  • Compared your final project with your goals from the Planning Stage:
    • What changed in the process?
    • What improvements can you implement as you move forward?
  • Identified how team roles shifted during each phase and re-evaluated responsibilities for the future
  • Created a Lessons Learned document
  • Revisited scope to determine iteration
  • Determined which accounts, products, or storefronts will be added next in Liferay Commerce
  • Congratulated your team! It’s been a long journey, but you’ve made it together.

You've finished your Commerce Journey.

Your CSM will reach out to you within the next 24–48 hours to schedule a debrief meeting about what's next. By completing this Journey, you have:
  • Taken your project from planning to the real world
  • Worked with your team to deliver on your goals
  • Made plans for how you can improve for the future