Intranet Software for a Digital Workplace

Liferay Digital Experience Platform helps you create intranets that connect people and systems through a modern interface focused on getting work done.


Modern intranet features are easy to use and equip employees with information and insight by providing fast access to the systems and databases they need.


Intranet software helps your employees make decisions, author content and share information and ideas.


Open source intranet solutions avoid vendor lock-in, offer flexibility for business requirements and lower risk through a developer community.

What makes a Liferay intranet successful?

Enterprise Integration

Liferay DXP gives employees secure, personalized access to corporate software systems including CRM, ERP, financials and marketing systems.


Create an intranet that reflects the structure of your enterprise with departments and teams.

Easy to Use

Liferay DXP lets your team create and manage sites autonomously, no matter their background.

Designed for Sharing

With tools like blogs, forums, wikis and knowledge base, employees share and preserve their knowledge.

Saint-Gobain doubled the amount of traffic on their new Liferay intranet.

By switching to Liferay, they reduced their server load by half and cut maintenance costs.

The cost of migrating to Liferay was offset in one year through the savings made on subscriptions and the reduction of servers.

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Experience has shown that we made the right decision when it came to choosing Liferay. We have achieved all specified objectives and have managed to do this within a significantly shorter timescale than originally planned.

Andreas Beeres

Intranet Platform Features

Organization Hierarchy

Easily accommodate formal organizations and informal teams of any size.

Responsive Design

Liferay intranets translate well to all screens so employees can access information anywhere.

Documents & Workflow

Document management with Sharepoint or Google Drive integration and custom business process workflows.

Social Collaboration

Blogs, wikis, message boards, social ratings, comments and relationships.


APIs, web services and messaging services for third- party software and systems integration.

Mobile Support

Access information, submit content and complete business processes from mobile devices.


This is how Liferay DXP is different:


A platform that can grow with your needs.

Start small by building a website, portal or intranet. Expand your vision later by quickly creating touch points across your customer’s journey.

Modern Intranets Connect Employees

Get the guide to designing your own workplace intranet and see how five different organisations have implemented intranets to boost productivity.

See how Liferay DXP can work for you.