A Better Platform for Your Mobile Strategy

Get responsive web experiences out of the box, build your own native applications and create a long-term enterprise mobile platform with Liferay Digital Experience Platform.

Create Mobile Experiences

Mobile First Websites

Build better websites with location services and device previews.

Responsive Design

Content, layouts and user interface work responsively out of the box.

Device-Specific Websites

Use Mobile Device Rules and Hierarchical Sites to tailor websites to individual models.

Use Liferay as an Enterprise Mobile Platform

Reuse Core Functionality

User profiles, documents, workflow and social collaboration can be utilized in your apps and sites.

Instant Integration

Back-end integrations to CRM, ERP and other complex systems can be surfaced to your mobile apps.

Experiential Continuity

Store user information and session history in a central place for a better user experience.

Starting with the Liferay platform equips you with immediately useful common services. Identity management and data storage can be centralized. Application logic can be reused across all your mobile apps and websites.

Mobility is especially important to a company whose products get people where they want to go. Bugaboo chose Liferay so they could build their site for a mobile audience.

Banyan Tree used Liferay to create a beautifully seamless user experience across multiple platforms

Mobile Strategies - What Every Company Needs to Know

Omnichannel excellence relies on an effective mobile strategy catering to the audience and their activity. Identify the key steps necessary to build the best mobile strategy for this new era of mobile touchpoints with customers.

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