One commerce plaform for the entire customer lifecycle.

Key Features
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Offer ongoing value with effortless purchasing for busy customers.


Modern Digital Experience Management

  • Flexible, extensible platform so you can customize and tailor every step of your customer journey.
  • Build and personalize everything from marketing microsites to distributor portals.
  • Use Liferay Commerce as a headless platform for experiences on any screen, device or channel.
Easy, Intuitive Experiences

Rich Product Education

  • Enhance product content with full support for blogs, knowledge bases and rich media in your catalog.
  • Shorten the path from discovery to purchase with personalized content and product recommendations.
  • Powerful, contextualized search reaches across all assets and products, helping buyers find exactly what they need.
Enriched Product Pages
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Eliminate channel conflict by empowering reps to own the customer relationship.


See Exactly What Customers See

  • Reps see exactly what each customer sees when they log into the platform, from real-time order history to their personalized content and recommendations.
  • Integrate your existing CRM, Marketing Automation, ERP and other customer systems for a complete view of every account.
  • Enable sales and service teams to take action on behalf of accounts, including creating and editing orders.
  • Build sales enablement libraries that only reps can see, equipping them with up-to-date information in a single place.
Account-Based Views

Know When to Act to Prevent Churn

  • Smart alerts notify sales reps when there is an unexpected dip in purchasing, indicating that an account is at risk of churning.
  • Account-specific dashboards track KPIs, order forecasting and other insights, arming reps with valuable information they can use to save an account.
Sales Rep Dashboard
How to Use Your E-Commerce Site to Empower Your Sales Team


Manage B2B commerce at any scale, no matter how complex.


Meet B2B Requirements Out of the Box

  • Reflect organizational hierarchy across every touchpoint with custom account roles.
  • Help customers prevent out-of-policy spending with access rights tied to buying workflows.
  • Incorporate tiered and contract pricing for every product type, from subscription-based products to physical goods.
  • Tailor catalogs so that each customer sees the right products at the right price for their organization.
B2B Out of the Box

Built to Grow With Your Business

  • Multicurrency and multilingual support enable you to grow into any market.
  • Use simple tools to set exchange rates, shipping options and taxes for each country.
  • Easily add localizations for most content, including product information and pages.
  • Flexible multi-site, multi-catalog support for even the most complex commerce models.
Content Localization
What's New in Liferay Commerce 2.0?
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