New in Liferay Commerce 2.0

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Better B2B Customer Experiences

Liferay Commerce 2.0 includes all the latest features of Liferay DXP, including personalization, advanced segmentation and experience management. Deliver effortless B2B experiences that help your buyers grow their business.

Integrated with Liferay DXP 7.2 — Create engaging experiences that are tailored to your customers’ needs with a fraction of the effort. Business users can create page layouts with configurable, drag-and-drop components, then apply personalization to reach their target audiences.

Multi-Site Catalogs — Support catalogs that are shared across multiple sites. Combined with Liferay’s robust support for multiple sites, currencies and languages, companies now have the flexibility to cover incredibly complex B2B commerce models, from white-labeling to franchising, pop-up shops and beyond.

Applied Machine Learning

Liferay Commerce 2.0 applies machine learning to key parts of the B2B digital commerce experience and uncovers opportunities to improve operations and scale personalization.

Loyalty Score Alerts — Track the health of each account with smart alerts that detect dips in purchasing trends, signaling that they are at risk of churning.

Suggested Product Groups — Up-sell more products and improve discovery with suggested product groups. Store admins receive suggestions based on items that customers often buy together.

Content-Based Product Recommendations — Help customers find the right product by recommending related products based on content such as specifications and categorizations.

Also-Bought Product Recommendations — Encourage cross-selling by recommending products that other customers bought, based on the product that a customer is currently viewing.

User-Based Product Recommendations — Offer more personalized recommendations by showing customers what other customers who are similar to them also bought.

Empower Sales and Service Reps

Eliminate channel conflict by bringing sales and service reps into the digital channel and empowering them with tools to assist, nurture and grow each account.

Account-Based Views — See exactly what each customer sees, from their account pricing to their unique product recommendations. Take action on their behalf by creating, editing or troubleshooting orders.

Contextualized Dashboards — View dashboards with KPIs and real-time insights for each account, such as order forecasting down to the product level. Combined with Loyalty Score Alerts, sales reps always know when an account needs attention and what to do next.

Flexible Data Integration

All B2B sellers orchestrate a multitude of systems to manage the digital commerce experience. Liferay Commerce makes it easier to integrate this data into a core platform, unlocking powerful ways to engage buyers, improve experiences and optimize for efficiency.

Headless Commerce — Liferay Commerce now provides the flexibility of a headless platform so that companies can connect with emerging technologies and new channels.

Mulesoft Connector — Use Liferay’s pre-built Mulesoft connector to integrate with other applications and exchange data.

Full Data Integration Suite — Combined with performance improvements to Liferay’s other integration tools, it is now easier to bring Liferay Commerce into whatever your current stack is, from your MarTech solution to your ERP.

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