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What’s New & Improved in Liferay DXP 7.3

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New & Improved Features

Liferay DXP 7.3 comes with enhanced functionality and exciting improvements that make it easier to transform your business. Enhanced features help you bring together systems, provide user insights, and make processes more efficient for teams throughout your organization.
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  • Design Systems

    Style Books — Empower designers to bring their Design System into the platform to support marketers staying on-brand.

    Collection Display Fragment — Provides page authors with capabilities to display dynamic content and easily display lists.

    Container & Grid Fragments — Give designers even greater flexibility by creating new compositions and providing responsive layouts for any device

    Master Pages — Allow non-developer users to define Master Page Templates which can be used throughout a site.

  • Experience Management

    Asset Libraries — Allow marketers to create dedicated libraries of content to support multiple sites and channels

    Content Page Features — Empower marketers and other business users to create stunning pages with minimal IT intervention.

    Collections & Collection Pages — Create and manage lists of content that can be reused across a variety of places and channels.

    Open Graph Support — Allow marketers to define tailored messaging for Social Media and preview Social Media and Search Engine page representation.

  • Content Management

    Content Dashboard — Allow content authors to find and analyze their content in a user-focused dashboard.

    Content Performance — AI/ML performance updates provide recommendations to content authors on how to optimize experiences.

  • Business Operations

    App Builder — Users can create custom apps to meet their needs, using a low-code builder.

    Workflow Powered Apps — Automate business process operations with easy to create workflow-driven apps.

    Forms Enhancements — Improved functionality for building complex forms, support for GDPR and new Forms Reports extend capabilities for forms builders.

  • Headless

    OpenAPI and GraphQL APIs — Build traditional, headless and multi-channel experiences with a standards-based, system-wide approach to APIs.

    API Explorer — Web application to explore and test the REST and GraphQL APIs to accelerate the development process.

    API Extensibility — Provides developers with mechanisms to extend and personalize the APIs.

  • Identity Management and Access Control

    Multi-Factor Authentication — Allows admins to activate a one-time password email as a way to verify the user’s identity beyond the login name and password during sign-in.

  • Platform Services

    Application Menu — A new global menu to allow easy access to cross-site applications and system settings.

    Server Administration — Features to allow admins to view system-wide resource usage, clear Caches, configure low-level settings.

    Virtual Instances — Allow organizations to host any number of logically separated Liferay DXP instances on a single server.

    Override Default Settings — Features to allow admins to configure settings related to the entire system, or individual instances.

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