Enterprise Search

Scalable , Feature-Rich Search for Liferay DXP

Maximize the Value of Elasticsearch

Consolidated support for Liferay DXP and Elasticsearch
Enterprise-grade extensions to manage monitoring, security, reporting and more
Faster time-to-market with exclusive, out-of-the-box connectors

What's Included

  • Two year of Liferay Premium Support for all Liferay Enterprise Search components
  • Premium-level license for the Elastic Stack and X-Pack
  • Liferay Enterprise Search Monitoring
  • Liferay Enterprise Search Security
  • Liferay Enterprise Search Learning to Rank
  • Liferay Enterprise Search Cross-Cluster Replication
  • Liferay Enterprise Search Experiences
  • Free version upgrades

Discover the Full Benefits of Liferay Enterprise Search

Why Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is a best-of-breed search engine that provides a fast, scalable solution for enterprise websites.
Distributed and clusterable by design
Cross-cluster search for multiple Elastic instances
Open source with excellent documentation and vendor investment
Elasticsearch offers a powerful collection of enterprise extensions through Elastic Stack. In addition to Security and Monitoring, users can leverage machine learning, alerts, visualization and much more.
Elastic, Elasticsearch, and X-Pack are trademarks of Elasticsearch BV, registered in the U.S. and in other countries.

See How Liferay Enterprise Search Can Work for You