How to Build Trust with Customers During Times of Crisis

For many organizations, the recent pandemic has shed light on fissures within their structure. With many businesses having to close their doors altogether, the importance of developing long-lasting relationships with customers has become even more evident. While times are uncertain, most customer experience leaders are searching for ways to reassure their customers that business is as usual as possible. Because of the financial pressure companies are under, they need to make use of the talent they have in-house and explore how to move their customer experiences online—specifically in a fashion that empowers the users.

This e-book introduces actionable strategies for systematically building a foundation of trust. The goal is to help customer service leaders by utilizing the skills of internal teams and digital customer experiences to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase efficiency of customer service team
  • Decrease time required for customer issues to be resolved

This e-book walks through these three steps CX leaders should be taking to best allocate their resources:

  1. Establish a Crisis Team
  2. Cut Through Departmental Silos
  3. Integrate Digital Channels

Learn how implementing a plan built on internal talent, communication, and self-service digital portals can build trust to withstand the unforeseen. Download your copy now by filling out this brief form.

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