How Businesses Can Win in an API Economy

Delivering a great digital experience is not as easy as it once was. Today, single web or mobile transactions such as purchasing a product or registering with an application cross an average of 351 different technology systems or components. That’s a jump from five years ago when the same transaction would have crossed 22 components. This is the result of the application programming interface (API) economy. Thanks to growth that can best be described as explosive, becoming an API-driven company can help your business reap huge rewards. The flexibility of headless architecture and its closely-knit counterpart of APIs is drastically reshaping the digital economy by making room for business leaders to generate profits in places previously unconsidered. In this whitepaper you will find:
  • The Multifaceted Opportunities of Multichannel
  • How Consuming APIs Speeds Your Digital Transformation
  • Strategies to Becoming an API-First Company
  • Emerging Trends and the Future of APIs

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