Why Self-Service is Essential for Customer Web Portals

According to Gartner in the next two years, 85% of all customer service interactions will begin with self-service. And customer self-service will make up for 64% of all customer engagement. Self-service is quickly becoming a critical tactic in improving customer experience. Strategic customer experience leaders also recognize that customer-facing solutions, like web portals, must include self-service elements in order to be a truly effective and valuable tool. This guide outlines the benefits of self-service and why it must be on every customer experience roadmap. Well-implemented self-service can provide long-term benefits such as:
  1. Decreased number of support calls.
  2. Faster support response times.
  3. Greater volume of support handled.
  4. Increased customer satisfaction.

This whitepaper walks through some best practices to keep in mind in order to build a successful self-service portal:

  • Assessing Current Content Available
  • Determining What Self-Service Elements to Add
  • Onboarding and Training
  • Valuing the Customer

Ultimately, the companies that are able to provide relevant and agile customer experiences will be the ones that can differentiate themselves from their competitors. Learn how self-service portals can help your business accomplish this and deliver the experiences your customers are demanding for by filling out this brief form.

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