Open Source Intranet, Portal and CMS for Government

Federal, state and local government agencies are tasked with turning long-standing software and applications into modern systems that support digital operations. The challenge is more than creating better websites, intranets or portals. Government IT needs to simplify the transformation of services and drive affordable and efficient change. Liferay Digital Experience Platform helps agencies create sustainable, fully digital operations by:

  • Integrating mission-critical legacy systems with modern interfaces and applications
  • Offering cost-effective, reusable solutions supported by a modular architecture
  • Providing a secure, reliable platform for digital transformation

Federal Intranet, Portal and CMS Use Cases

Public Website CMS

Today, government agencies can use their websites to make data accessible and understandable, encouraging two-way communication and engagement with citizens. uses Liferay as a CMS and a collaboration platform for its 100,000+ user base. Students worldwide upload information on scientific projects and observations from around the world, and the public website has built-in permissions and administration controls. They are also able to add new projects for citizens, such as the recent GLOBE Observer site, a standalone sub-site which allows citizen scientists to contribute to observation projects via a mobile app.

Human Resources Intranet

One military agency used the Liferay open source platform to build a career management intranet and digitize its manual processes. Those enrolled have access to information about online classes and tools to plan a career path. Data management capabilities allow the agency to keep this personal information secure and well-organized, so that users have an intuitive experience in tracking their career goals.

Online Collaboration Portal

Government agencies benefit from creating online collaboration services that are accessible by employees and partner organizations from around the country. uses Liferay to support its search-based platform, which serves the primary purpose of making grant programs discoverable for agencies. The portal platform also enables people to work together on applications and submit them directly through the site, so that teams have the tools they need in one place.

State & Local Use Cases

Incident Management System

With digital assets related to emergency response or other high-priority operations, it is critical for agencies to have an efficient management system. A US government department uses Liferay as an incident management system, making it possible to tag assets with a number of categories, and map the assets that need to be deployed. This enables employees to manage and remediate incidents while keeping the high volume of information organized.

Multipurpose Open Source Platform Solution

Government agencies often need to bring different digital services into one place in order to meet the complex needs of their citizens. A US state agency needed to provide insurance protection to policyholders who qualify for but are unable to find property insurance coverage in the private market. The agency created a multipurpose website with Liferay that provides information on insurance policies, a portal for citizens to manage their insurance policies, and a place for vendors to apply for current solicitations. By rolling everything into a single open source platform, the agency is able to unite data that would otherwise be siloed, reducing the resources needed to manage such a comprehensive site.

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