3 Digital Strategies for Manufacturing Success
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3 Digital Strategies for Manufacturing Success

How can manufacturers survive in 2021 and beyond?
Emily Liu
Written by
Ben Bishop, Director of Marketing, Base22

Manufacturers are all too accustomed to change. 

Over the past decade, the industry has been faced with disruption from big data, Industry 4.0, and now, COVID-19. 

And while it seems like manufacturers are starting to emerge from the pandemic, we know that this certainly will not be the last crisis manufacturers will have to contend with. So, what can manufacturers do so that they’re not taken out by every new wave of disruption? 

Here are three ways manufacturers can start future-proofing their business. 

3 Areas of Focus for Manufacturing Moving into a Post-COVID World

82% of respondents to a recent Manufacturing Leadership Council (MLC) poll said that the pandemic had “created a new sense of urgency” among leaders, steering their firms toward investments in new technologies and digitalization, either partially or to a significant extent. 

Here are three ways to leverage digital to future-proof your manufacturing business.

  1. Creating Excellent Digital Customer Experiences 

    77% of manufacturers say they currently have a customer-centricity gap where the digital experience they offer does not meet customers’ expectations.

    Although “customer experience” has been a buzzword for many years, it’s all the more relevant for manufacturers now. Manufacturers that are able to successfully serve their customers digitally will have the upper hand, especially now. 

    An excellent digital experience is going to require more than just being able to place orders online. Manufacturers must make sure that their online experiences are focused on making their customers’ buying processes easier. 

    How to Start Delivering Better Digital Experiences? 
    The first step to excellent digital experiences requires building a unified manufacturing portal for your customers to access. See how to start here > 
  2. Make Data Actionable

    Although manufacturers are able to capture data, only 67% of them have real-time collaboration tools that can turn the data collected into information employees or stakeholders need to do their jobs. 

    To make matters more difficult, most manufacturers are hindered by siloed legacy systems, which prevent a unified view of all the data a manufacturer may have. 

    If manufacturers want to be able to survive against future disruptions, then they need to start equipping themselves with data to make proactive improvements. 

  3. Creating a Connected Digital Ecosystem

    Manufacturers cannot operate as a single entity, but must learn how to operate effectively within a greater global network or environment. 

    This means having good and effective communication with providers, suppliers, dealers, and franchises, and providing modern tools and assets customized to promote collaboration and coordination. For example, manufacturers can unify communications and important information providers and distributors through a manufacturing portal. 

Future-Proofing the Manufacturing Industry

This will not be the last wave of disruption that manufacturers will face. But with a successful manufacturing portal, organizations can start to address all three of these critical areas. 

Begin Delivering Better Digital Experiences > 

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Originally published
March 31, 2021
 last updated
May 16, 2022
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