3 Ways Liferay Makes B2B Ordering Easier for Manufacturers
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3 Ways Liferay Makes B2B Ordering Easier for Manufacturers

Make spare parts ordering easier for B2B buyers and increase revenue with Liferay.
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When your customers need to purchase a spare or replacement part, how long does it take them? 

Do your customers go through a tedious aftersales process and navigate to a catalog PDF in their emails, then look up product numbers in one channel, and order through a separate system? 

These slow and disjointed processes will discourage customers from continuing to order, impacting profits and customer satisfaction. 

Instead make spare parts ordering easier for B2B buyers and increase revenue with Liferay.

Why Focus on Spare Parts Ordering

Manufacturers can tap into huge revenue potential by improving their aftersales experience. 

Aftersales is: 

  • 20-50% more profitable for manufacturers in comparison to new machine sales. 
  • Securing high margins, with the potential to deliver over 50% of a manufacturer’s profit. 
  • Operating at 2.5 times the operating margin of new equipment sales.

But manufacturers often struggle to deliver excellent aftersales experiences for customers due to disparate systems, legacy technologies, and outdated processes.  

Use a powerful platform like Liferay DXP to bring data, applications, and processes together in a single solution that will bring customers back to purchase more. 

How Liferay Makes B2B Ordering Easier

Manufacturers can rely on a powerful digital experience platform (DXP) like Liferay DXP to build solutions that can simplify complexity, reduce cost-to-serve, and ultimately make it easy for customers to do business with you. 

With Liferay’s out-of-the-box features, manufacturers simplify the ordering process by:

  1. Quickly Identifying and Surfacing the Correct Product

    Buyers find it challenging to know which products they have to buy, especially when catalogs tend to be lengthy and out-of-date. But buyers also don’t want to have to call a customer service rep every time they need to identify the product they need. 

    With Liferay, manufacturers can build digital catalogs that are tailored to their customers’ existing machines and parts so that buyers can quickly identify and search for compatible products. 

    Additionally, manufacturers can help their customers identify the correct parts using clickable exploding diagrams.


  2. Providing Different Ways to Order 

    Your buyers come from a mix of different roles and have distinct purchasing needs. Liferay provides the capabilities needed to offer a wide variety of buying experiences that make purchasing easy. 

    In addition to buying from the catalog, customers that are ordering in bulk can upload CSV files, copy previous orders, or apply requisition lists to purchase hundreds or thousands of SKUs at a time. 

    Store managers may prefer to use a digital-shelf or planogram view of products so that they can easily identify and replenish stock levels. And field technicians or engineers can quickly find the right product by drilling down into exploding diagrams. 

    Liferay streamlines all these processes into one seamless and easy buying experience.

  3. Bringing Everything Under One Platform 

    Ultimately, customers don’t want to order through one platform, only to have to access information through a different system and talk to support representatives through another channel. 

    Use Liferay to unify these systems and resources under a single solution. Liferay’s powerful integration capabilities enables manufacturers to build a customer portal that unites:

    • Purchasing and reordering capabilities
    • Account information including owned products, order history, and user roles 
    • Onboarding, training materials, and FAQs so customers can learn how to get the most value from their products immediately 
    • Ticketing and maintenance scheduling processes in case issues do arise


Easy Ordering Experiences for B2B Manufacturers

Get a 2 minute summary of how manufacturers can drive growth with a Liferay customer portal and make customer experience a differentiator for their business in this video:


Increasing Aftersales with Liferay 

With the right tools, manufacturers can make it easy for customers to continue to do business with them. By unifying the relevant systems and information using Liferay, manufacturers can begin to increase customer satisfaction and drive aftersales revenue. 

See how you can leverage Liferay for your business here. 

Originally published
April 29, 2022
 last updated
May 20, 2022
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