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Build Incredible Digital Experiences with Liferay DXP

Create personalized digital experiences at scale with a core set of technologies that allow you to define, standardize, and tailor unique online experiences that connect with your audience.

Manage Content and Related Operations More Efficiently

As your organization grows, the ability to manage, organize and create content becomes more critical. So does the need to foster more effective collaboration, and give your accounts a more personal experience. With Liferay DXP you get a complete set of tools that help you manage your content, control what content and functions your users see, and enables everyone in your organization to collaborate and share knowledge more effectively.

Deliver Tailored Experiences to Connect on a Personal Level

Every digital interaction you have with your users is an opportunity to engage and connect with them on a personal level. Liferay DXP provides a powerful environment for delivering tailored digital experiences at scale.

Simplify Complex Commerce

Make it easy to do business with you with a modern online commerce platform that simplifies complex ordering processes and empowers your teams to create intuitive digital shopping experiences that are simple to use and encourage repeat business.

Launch Tailored Solutions Quickly without Compromise

With a flexible architecture you can launch digital solutions quickly and customize them as your needs grow. Our architecture allows your developers to create applications in their own native tools and frameworks so they don't have to spend time learning another language to create apps for Liferay. 

Additionally, you can extend the functionality of Liferay by using our open APIs to connect to your existing applications, or jump start your development by installing Marketplace apps and solutions from our partner and developer ecosystems directly into your environment.

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