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Customer Centric


Maximizing Employee Value at Skoda Auto.jpg
Maximizing Employee Value at Škoda Auto
The Škoda Employee Portal serves more than 40,000 people with the aim of providing maximum value to its customers.
4 Min Read
February 14, 2024
Embarking on a CX Expedition Infographic_header.jpg
How to Make Client Portals a Competitive Advantage in Financial Services
Check out this infographic to uncover the many possibilities a client portal offers to your financial services organization
1 Min Read
October 17, 2023
Manufacturing Q&A: 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Customer Portal
Check out this infographic if you're unsure about the benefits of a customer portal for your manufacturing business.
1 Min Read
July 27, 2023
Enhancing the Digital Customer Experience for Telco Organizations.jpg
Enhancing the Digital Customer Experience for Telco Organizations
Discover how to create and optimize a digital customer experience that leaves a lasting impression and boosts your brand awareness.
8 Min Read
April 6, 2023
8 Best Practices for Insurance Digital Transformation Maturity in 2023 and Beyond
3 Min Read
March 20, 2023
Improve B2B Financial Customer Experience.jpg
19 Stats to Improve B2B Financial Customer Experience in 2022
What can commercial businesses do to retain their clients and extend that customer journey?
2 Min Read
May 12, 2022

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What Do Great B2B Customer Experiences Look Like Blog Image.jpg
What Do Great B2B Customer Experiences Look Like?
What actually makes a B2B customer experience great?
2 Min Read
March 31, 2022
Checklist and Step-by-Step-Guide: Paving Your Way to an Optimal Digital Customer Strategy
Business models of B2B manufacturers are often fairly complex. But developing a digital strategy is entirely achievable.
3 Min Read
February 21, 2022
Why CX Transformation Should Happen on Liferay DXP.jpg
Why Customer Experience Transformation Should Happen on Liferay DXP
How can businesses successfully bring customer experience transformation to their organizations? With a powerful platform like Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP). 
3 Min Read
February 8, 2022
Marketing Digital Transformation Trends 2022.jpg
2022 Digital Transformation Predictions from a B2B Marketing Executive
What do marketers need to know in 2022?
3 Min Read
December 7, 2021
Finding Your Biggest Customer Pain Points
Learn how to find pain points in your company's unique customer journeys
3 Min Read
June 9, 2017

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