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Digital Healthcare for Patients and Employees

Meet the demands of digital transformation in healthcare with customizable, scalable, solutions for providers and users.

Leverage Digital Efficiencies to Improve Satisfaction

Self-Service Patient Portal
Build personalized, connected, omnichannel digital experiences that make it easy for patients to manage their accounts, access medical records, and schedule services.
Provider Portal
Improve and maintain patient satisfaction through superior care with a solution that provides communication beyond the walls of an office or hospital.
Create meaningful employee experiences that will engage and motivate your team with customizable user persona dashboards, career paths, and recognition boards. 
Integration Platform
Unify disjointed legacy systems and integrate new applications on a single platform that enables communication across all patient and provider touchpoints.
“The one technology that never really came up as a problem, the one technology that we didn’t sit on weekends going, ‘why is this product not restarting, why is this message not appearing yet,’ was our Liferay portal.”

Neil Adamson, CIO at Vitality Group

Break Down Silos for Patients and Employees

Healthcare providers gain a competitive advantage when they place patients at the center of the experience. They depend on Liferay’s solutions and expertise to accelerate the creation of these digital experiences.
Put Your Patients First
Quickly create the streamlined and connected experiences today’s patients expect. Customize your solution alongside our Global Services team and our network of industry expert partners. 
Empower Employees Everywhere
Give employees the tools needed to advance their careers and effectively serve patients, regardless of role or location. Intranets built on Liferay DXP merge the gap in communication, knowledge, and information.
Leverage SMAC-Friendly Integrations
Securely unite existing core healthcare systems and technology with emerging clinical tech. Leverage the power of Liferay DXP, a platform unparalleled for its interoperability and flexibility, to create seamless and connected digital experiences.
Extend The Reach of Your Service
Reach patients beyond the walls of the office or hospital to provide truly holistic care. Self-service portals give your patients on-demand access to their medical records, healthcare provider, and account details.
Reduce Readmissions
Provide post-visit care to your patients so they can continue to stay healthy long after leaving your facility. With a patient portal, providers can reduce the likelihood of costly readmissions.
Rapidly Develop and Deploy
Improve your team's speed to envision, create, and deliver patient and internal portal solutions by leveraging the pre-built capabilities of Liferay DXP. Utilize OpenAPI compliant APIs for headless delivery made to scale over the long term.
Liferay Powers Over 50 healthcare Companies
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