Intranet and Portal Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

Digital is changing everything in manufacturing. Products are connected. Parts are connected. The machines that build the parts are connected. Every step and every component is communicating, and it’s all leading to a holistic, data-driven view of the manufacturing process. Manufacturers are using Liferay Digital Experience Platform to achieve their digital transformation goals by:

  • Connecting people and data from disparate systems.
  • Enabling the creation of new products, services and ways to go to market.
  • Going from mass production to mass customization with business processes that are designed around the customer.

Manufacturing Industry Use Cases

IoT for Business Transformation

IoT is delivering incredible amounts of new data and insights for companies to use to speed up production, reduce costs, improve quality and ultimately create better experiences for your customers. The challenge is managing all that data and getting it into use quickly. Liferay software is equipped to integrate with anything you throw at it. Bring disparate data sources together, from different vendors, into one location to build a virtual view of your product’s entire lifecycle to identify areas of improvement and opportunities to add new services or products.

Employee Innovation and Collaboration Intranet

Multinational manufacturing companies struggle to keep decentralized teams in sync with one another. One Liferay customer was able to improve collaboration among their R&D teams and accelerate innovation with our digital workplace tools. Shared document repositories with Google Docs and -Sharepoint integration keep files visible and up-to-date. Calendars, contact profiles, chat and at-mentions opens up new lines of communication. Threaded discussions, blogs, twitter style feeds, activity feeds and wikis create better ways to collaborate. Native mobile development makes all of that available to your workforce at just the right time and place.

Supplier/Partner/Client Portal Collaboration Site

Improve communication with partners and clients through message boards, communities and document libraries. Use workflows and an advanced form builder to digitize processes and gain operational efficiencies. Segment and target content for your different audiences to make sure that they get the right information at the right time. Easily replicate all site functionality to native mobile apps to empower suppliers in the field.

Enterprise Website Solutions Factory

Liferay DXP can serve as a common architectural framework for public websites, online customer portals, partner portals, supplier portals, community forums and intranet collaboration sites. One of our global customers uses Liferay as a common platform to build sites for its employees, partners and customers. Drag and drop pages together, localize for different regions, and target content and functionality for different segments. Workflow and forms let you create new services. Share back office services across multiple sites without having to write extra code. Mobile tools let you reuse what you’ve already built to rapidly create native apps.

Consolidation of Disparate Sites and Services

One Liferay customer wanted to grow its business by making its product catalogs available online. However, it had multiple catalogs on various systems and needed a way to bring it all together. The company used Liferay software to connect its disparate systems in order to create a unified online view of all its catalogs.

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