Forrester Vendor Landscape: Digital Experience Portals

Forrester names Liferay among the digital experience portals that are in demand

Cover–Forrester - Vendor Landscape - Digital Experience Portals FORRESTER.COM Vendor Landscape: Digital Experience Portals Legacy Portal Technologies Have Emotional Baggage, While Digital Experience Portal Scenarios Are Red-Hot and Demand Investment

Learn why Forrester believes portal technologies are key to any digital experience strategy. Forrester found that the No. 1 technical barrier for digital experience leaders is backend integration. Technologies such as Liferay are critical to supporting the seamless digital experiences that your customers expect today through deep integration.

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Portal technologies ... are critical to delivering secure web and mobile experiences on top of back-end and transaction systems of record. They must be part of your modern digital experience (DX) platform strategy.


Deliver personalized, engaging experiences to your customers, partners and employees.

Liferay appeals to users with its built-in features, easy integration, modern interface, and continuous innovation from its open source community.

Build It Quickly

Modular development, simplified integration, useful developer tools

Enable Omnichannel

Seamless, connected experiences across touchpoints

Understand Customers

Get insights quickly from a single customer view

Prepare Your Business

A digital platform connecting your entire ecosystem

Liferay is the platform for digital experiences.

Built-in Core Services

Cohesive User Experiences

Reusable Across Channels

Select Customers

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