Become a liferay Digital Agency PARTNER

Digital Transformation: 
Better Together

Liferay partners have expertise in digital experience platforms (DXP). We invest in your success through education and training, joint lead development, sales support, and co-branded marketing programs.

Why Become a Liferay Digital Agency Partner

Liferay partners with Digital Agency organizations enabling them to leverage our technologies to enhance existing solutions and co-innovate net-new solutions solving business challenges.
Revenue Potential

There is opportunity for substantial services revenue with every deal plus upfront discounts  on subscription sales. 

A Nexus of Support
Partners receive technical, marketing, sales, and customer success support. 
Native Portal Technology
Our portal offering has grown through innovation. We have not expanded our offering through acquisition.

About Liferay's Digital Agency Partnership

Liferay offers our digital agency partners the opportunity to expand their technology solution offerings to clients on a single, native platform with endless solutions, along with the ability to engage in a trusted partnership. Together, with Liferay's unmatched platform integration capabilities, comprehensive features and flexibility, our partners can build and connect end-to-end digital solutions efficiently delivering desired business outcomes for their clients. In turn, clients can begin to deliver better experiences, streamline business operations and reduce costs to further increase revenue. 


How We Help Partners Succeed

Liferay believes a successful Digital Agency partnership includes:

  • Working with agencies where 40% of revenue comes from marketing related services 
  • Agencies experienced with DXP and portal/CMS technology 
  • The ability to strategize and recommend the complete digital transformation solution, including the Liferay product
  • Respectful partnering to fill technology gaps 
  • Dedicated Support, Sales and Management resources
  • MDF and Co-Marketing to help generate New Leads and Foster New Client Relationships

Sales Benefits Technical Benefits  Marketing Benefits 
Software for Demonstration Purposes Technical Training Partner Program Logo
Opportunity Registration Discount Eligibility Technical Certfication Discounts Marketing Development Funds
Access to Sales Resources Knowledge Base Access Profile in Partner Directory

How We Support Our Partners

  • Respectful Partnering to Fill Gaps in Your Agency 
  • Dedicated Support, Sales and Management Resources
  • MDF and Co-Marketing to help generate New Leads and Foster New Client Relationships
Joint selling and technical sales support
Partner training and enablement
Lead generation programs
Joint content creation
Marketing and sales tools
Partner Summit, Partner Portal, and regular communications

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have different partner levels?
We have three levels for our Service Partner program - Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The primary differences in benefits are related to the rebates and discounts provided to each level and the amount of MDF. Each level has unique requirements of the partner.
Is there a charge for your partner program?
We have a nominal fee for Service Partners which is applied toward training.
Do you offer co-branded marketing?
We are invested in ensuring that you build a thriving Liferay practice and this can include co-branded marketing including content, webinars, and events.
How many Liferay partners are there?
We have over 265 partners in 40 countries plus partners in our technology, OEM, and hosting partner programs.
Do you offer technical certification?
We offer a technical  certification program for Liferay DXP with available certifications for front-end and back-end developers. Each partner is required to have a minimum number of certified developers based on partner level.
What types of training are available for partners? 
Helping partners build a successful Liferay practice  through training is essential. This includes partner enablement through an onboarding program, business and pre-sales training, and product-specific specializations.

Become a Liferay Digital Agency Partner

Let's grow and be better together in helping companies solve their digital challenges.

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