Portal and Intranet Solutions for Hospitals & Healthcare Organizations

Regulatory changes in healthcare have affected how providers must operate to insure and care for patients. Today’s companies face the demands of integrating health records across multiple data sources and systems, aggregating data into a single customer view and segmenting new products to a diverse audience. Meanwhile, the expectation of customer experience has changed, too. To solve these challenges, companies are transforming business operations and end user experiences with flexible, digital technologies. Liferay software helps healthcare providers, hospitals, and medical companies better serve clients and customers by:

  • Managing and consolidating electronic health records into one convenient location
  • Integrating systems, information sources and APIs into a central site
  • Supporting telemedicine through innovation with new apps, smart devices and admin portals
  • Enabling collaboration between physicians and providers to improve patient care

Hospital and Healthcare Use Cases

Integrate Electronic Health Records

Since the standardization of electronic health records (EHRs) in the U.S., hospitals and healthcare providers have faced the challenge of integrating disparate software systems of record and sources of information, for convenient access in one location. A major, national healthcare delivery system used Liferay to unify all their business intelligence systems into one comprehensive portal. Building on the Liferay platform allowed the executive leadership to replace a siloed system, increase collaboration and add value across properties.

Online Collaboration and Intranet Platform

Independent providers often face the same challenges and have the same needs. OcuHub, an IT provider for independent eyecare professionals, used Liferay to build a cloud-based platform to enable collaboration between providers through a secure user-to-user file exchange with customized notifications. The shared-care subscription model is expandable to meet a practice’s individual needs.

Make Testing Easier on the Patient

Because HIPAA requires hospitals and healthcare providers to use third-party labs for diagnostic testing, visiting the doctor for ongoing testing can become tedious and inconvenient. What’s more, through human error, samples can get lost, causing more stress to the patient. One diagnostic lab used Liferay to create a custom portal for patients, physicians and lab techs to help administer a Diagnostic Testing Kit they had developed for at-home gastrointestinal testing. The innovative solution delivered more accurate test results, limited office visits and long wait times and updated a manual process into a competitive, digital solution.

Innovation in Telemedicine

New technology can improve patient care by enabling patient visitation through a secure app anytime, anywhere. One national healthcare network uses Liferay to improve collaboration between doctors for patients outside of service areas. Using video-assisted surgery, local physicians in rural areas can connect to remote specialists to provide emergency care. Another major provider developed an admin portal to let patients find faster general practitioner care. Patients may even pay less of their regular copay to have simple, yet pressing, questions answered.

Customizable Client Portal

Principal Wellness Company, a subdivision of Principal Financial Group, chose Liferay to create a customizable client portal for its customers. Using the portal, participants can access an array of services including retirement solutions, insurance information and wellness programs. The wellness programs, a new initiative, helps engage users by tracking progress towards incentives. Not only does this solution promote better health, it helps improve personalization by segmenting content, survey forms and other messaging to the appropriate audience.

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