Portal and Intranet Solutions for Banking in Australia's Financial Services Industries

The financial services industry is undergoing immense change and pressures from many angles. Liferay DXP is helping banks, insurers and wealth management providers across Australia, New Zealand, and globally, to compete in a digital world by:

  • Delivering customer self-service sites
  • Creating modern portals, intranets, websites and mobile apps
  • Designing business processes around the customer
  • Extending functionality and developing new digital solutions quickly

Banking & Financial Services Use Cases

Digital Banking Portal

Digital banking is an opportunity to provide a better customer experience across every channel 24/7 through native mobile banking,  corporate portal and online banking sites, and targeted offers based on richer customer insights. LGT reinvented their digital service offering to provide quicker, better and more personal customer experiences with a focus on mobile-first for better banking. LGT SmartBanking built on Liferay provides a consistent and fully-integrated platform for a variety of applications so all users, including customers, relationship managers, prospects and intermediaries, have access to the platform from both desktop and mobile devices.

Mobile Experiences

Whether it is a personal banking app, a responsive wealth management website or a simple money management software/tool such as a budgeting mobile app, consumers want to access financial services through their smartphones. Liferay DXP has helped one bank extend existing website functionality to mobile applications, without building anything from scratch. This enables the same look and feel across the entire platform, and connects services on the back end to ensure experiences are consistent on every device.

Wealth Management

A financial planning firm uses Liferay to give its investment advisors tools for trading and account setup online. Detailed reporting gives them the information and insight they need to work with clients. A connected customer view allows clients to view their accounts, balances and performance reports so they can stay informed. Functionality includes Savings, Investments, Retirements, Life Events modules and Calculators.

Insurance Portal

A digital experience platform can take into account the relevant context for each interaction whether direct, through brokers, financial institutions, or agents, ensuring that the customer is always at the centre of each transaction. General insurance company Allianz Australia Insurance boasted a history of market leadership and strong brand recognition but faced the challenge of competing with younger, fast-growing insurers. Using Liferay Allianz launched a customer portal providing prospective and existing customers with a comprehensive and interactive view of their insurance-related identity integrating with existing databases and data sources enabling search and saving of quotes, creation of a unique online identity, policy renewal and bill payment plus other insurance related activities.

Intranet Portal

One of the largest European financial services groups Societe Generale needed to bring together 169 intranet sites in multiple languages onto a single platform with 40 multilingual sites. The overhaul enabled business teams to gain more autonomy with content managers able to update content without having any special technical knowledge as IT teams create site templates in line with the new graphic guidelines. It also allows for personalised and dynamic browsing which delivered a big increase in user satisfaction levels.

Digital Process for Corporate and Municipal Bond Underwriting Approval

Moving complex document approval processes online helps trust companies save resources and keep track of the current status of deals. Liferay’s user management features can facilitate the process of document acquisition and approval, with the ability to send the certified documentation to the customer once the deal closes. One company has been able to automate this annual process with Liferay, integrating 26 systems into one that customers can access with only one login.

Features an Intranet Portal can Deliver For Banking and Financial Services

While intranet systems don’t provide a one-size-fits-all solution and every organisation requires a tailored intranet that suits their culture and needs, they can deliver value for money. By providing a user-friendly and easy to navigate interface for employees in financial organisations and banks, intranet portals can quickly rectify situations, particularly when it comes to customer service.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Intranet solutions give you the chance to focus on your customer-facing staff, such as loan administrators, mortgage advisors, bank tellers and call centre operators who deal with banking transactions. By providing them with the information they need to handle customer concerns or complaints, they can easily advise customers in-person or on the phone. 

Through intranet banking software, you can deliver relevant information about your banking services and products to staff in an efficient and timely manner, presenting a professional front for your organisation. Enabling your employees to easily accomplish tasks can directly impact the success of your bank or financial operation.  

A bad experience can lead to customers cancelling their accounts or telling their friends and family they felt they received bad service. However, a good experience can encourage customers to expand their dealings or to tell others they enjoyed your service. One of the main complaints from customers is that they’re tired of poor service, don’t fall into that category.

Provide a Section for Customer-Related Information

By providing a seamless navigation system for staff to access and house information about relevant products and services, such as a people director, company details, terms and conditions or even a social section where employees can interact, you are able to reduce the amount of time your employees must spend looking for something. This means an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction.

Easy Access to Branch Related Information

Another common issue with financial organisations is the call out for access to information on branch management including safety procedures, protocol for cash-in and cash-out transactions, opening and closing policies, branch inspections and even courier pick up times. This highly relevant information should be easily accessed by all employees and can be seamlessly stored on an intranet system.

Improved Employee Engagement and Knowledge-Sharing

Financial intranets aid in building a positive environment for employees, helping them navigate their daily responsibilities and keeping them engaged and productive. Liferay intranet software includes a range of features, from up-to-date directories to discussion forums - we can help to create an intranet that fits in with your company culture.

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