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Financial Services

Financial Services Solutions for Clients, Advisors, and Employees

Build lasting client-centric experiences that highlight your firm’s differentiators.

Built to Adapt to Your Unique Challenges and Processes

Self-Service Client Portal
Build personalized, connected, omnichannel digital experiences that make it easy for clients to manage their accounts, monitor portfolios, and purchase new services. 
Advisor Portal
Enable advisors to build and maintain long-term relationships through superior service with a unified solution that provides a 360-degree view of their clients.
Digital Workplace
Create a unified intranet that enables employees to collaborate, share information, and work more efficiently.
Integration Platform
Maximize operational margins by unifying legacy systems and digitizing manual and paper processes so relationship managers can focus on higher value tasks.
Wealth Management Solutions
Outpace change with solutions for advisors and clients while digitizing critical processes in order to efficiently drive AUM.
"As soon as they log into their workspace, they can manage their entire client-member reference and associated product portfolio in real time, allowing for a much more seamless and optimized experience and customer-centric focus."
William Longmene Kue
Product manager and solutions architect at Desjardins Group

Place Clients, Advisors, and Employees at the Center of the Experience 

Financial services organizations gain a competitive advantage when they place customers, advisors, and employers at the center of the experience. They depend on Liferay’s solutions and expertise to accelerate the creation of these digital experiences.
Serve the Digital Customer
Quickly create the streamlined and connected experiences modern clients want. Expedite the creation and customization of client portal solutions by leveraging pre-built capabilities and years of expertise with our Global Services team. 
Deliver Omnichannel Experiences 
Cut through the noise with engaging end-to-end digital experiences for both clients and advisors. Easily connect every interaction across the entire user journey with multichannel support and headless capabilities.
Empower Employees
Give employees the tools needed to serve customers effectively. Digital workplaces built on Liferay DXP enable teams to collaborate and perform their jobs effectively, increasing employee engagement, and satisfaction.
Equip Agents for Success
Deliver intuitive experiences that increase wealth manager and financial advisor productivity and satisfaction. Jumpstart the creation of an advisor portal by tailoring pre-built capabilities to your needs with our experienced Global Services and Partner network.
Remain Competitive 
Stay ahead of changing risks and an evolving market with a flexible platform built to adapt for change. OpenAPI compliance and a wide range of development tools help accelerate future innovations and changing business models.
Integrate Legacy Systems 
Overcome integration difficulties with a platform unparalleled for its interoperability and flexibility. Unite existing core financial services systems and technology to work alongside emerging FinTech and future innovation.
Liferay Powers Over 160 Financial Services Institutions

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