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Build superior digital experiences that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of the tech industry and support your organization in staying abreast of future challenges and opportunities.

The Complete Platform for Tailored Solutions

Liferay DXP is a software platform that enables organizations in the technology sector to rapidly develop and implement tailored solutions like customer portals, distributor and supplier portals, B2B commerce portals, websites, and more. Provide your company with a flexible, future-proof platform and efficient tools to deliver class-leading digital experiences on scale, integrate existing legacy tech, and automate business processes.

Resilience is Mandatory

In the face of rising inflationary pressures and complex supply chains it has become vital for technology providers to boost efficiency and agility. To remain competitive and relevant you need to act now and invest in next generation experiences to ensure continuity for your customers and business partners. Resilient organizations will adapt more quickly, overcome disruption faster and emerge with an advantage.

Common Tech Solutions

Key Benefits for Tech Organizations

TIME-TO-MARKET: Deliver effortless commerce experiences quickly and at scale
COST-REDUCTION: Integrate legacy tech and extend value of existing systems
​​​​​​​Create high adoption employee experiences that encourage communication and cooperation
​​​​​​​Automate processes and simplify complex B2B requirements
​​​​​​​Boost self-service adoption across all channels and personalize customer experience
​​​​​​​Build tailored omnichannel solutions –  in the cloud, private cloud, or on-prem
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