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Manufacturing Customer Portals

Drive Profitability with Digital Aftersales Experiences

Self-service portals personalize content, simplify complexity, reduce costs, and make it easy for your customers to do business with you.
50% Increase in Online Transactions

Making the buying process easy for MacDon dealers drove a massive increase in online transactions, reducing costs and improving experience.

Improve After-Sales Experiences While Reducing Costs

Shortage of skilled labor and workforces nearing retirement result in your customers waiting to get answers. Empower them to find what they need online to minimize downtime without the help of a service rep, reducing the cost to serve, all while building loyalty with a great experience that minimizes downtime.
  • Educate customers quickly with a secure help center, tutorials, learning materials, and a knowledge base to self-resolve common issues. 
  • Powerful search capabilities make it easy to find contracts, technical docs, training, spare parts, warranty coverage, etc. 
  • Allow users to update their account information, add new users, create support tickets, and open warranty requests.
  • Let customers answer each others’ questions through user community forums.
  • Reduce support ticket requests with self-service troubleshooting.
  • Get user feedback through chatbots, forms, or ratings on your published content. 
  • Measure portal adoption and find areas for improvement with integrated analytics.
73% Increase in Quotes

Customer self-service portal of leading building materials manufacturer drives 73% increase in quotes.

Engage Customers with Powerful Personalization

In manufacturing your end users can be distributors, dealers, or customers. They have different needs but none of them have time to navigate a complicated website. Personalize and optimize their digital experience to enable them to identify and address problems before they occur, minimizing downtime, and maximizing productivity.
  • Organize customer equipment portfolios in one place for easy maintenance planning. 
  • Provide maintenance reminders, the ability to schedule service techs, and suggest necessary parts for replacement. 
  • Help customers find technical documentation, compatible spare parts, and maintenance information faster with powerful search capabilities.
  • Support and roll out digital equipment-as-a-service products for subscribers. 
  • Uncover, analyze, and unify customer data in legacy tech siloes to create a better experience. 
  • Easily segment your customers to deliver relevant content that matches their interests and audience type.
  • Measure and refine your customer journeys using analytics and multivariate testing.
  • Create and organize all your content, segments, and user journeys on one unified platform.  

Streamline Complex Purchasing Experiences

Product options, discounts, ordering methods, and other factors can vary widely between customers in B2B Manufacturing. Simplify buying and encourage repeat business with a site that adjusts to display only what’s relevant for each customer while freeing up sales reps to focus on higher value deals. 
  • Make it easy to showcase, compare, or select your products with digital product catalogs tailored to each customer. 
  • Digitally upsell and cross-sell with smart recommendations based on previous purchases, product lifecycles, and customer segments.
  • Eliminate compatibility questions by prefiltering catalogs to only show parts that work with products that your customers own.
  • Simplify B2B ordering through approval workflows, different payment methods, custom account- or role-based ordering, and guest checkout.
  • Reduce channel conflict by allowing reps to see what customers see when purchasing creating a seamless transition from digital to rep.
  • Enable reps to optimize orders, offer relevant discounts, or recommend complementary solutions with an order history dashboard.
  • Grow into any market with tax integrations and multi-currency support.
  • Allow customers to view inventory, receive quotes, or check order status.

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