Portal and Intranet Solutions for Banking & Financial Services

External pressures, from the macro-economic environment to digitally enabled startups, are pushing change in the financial services industry. Liferay DXP helps banking and wealth management providers compete in a digital world by:

  • Reducing costs with customer self-service
  • Creating modern portals, intranets, websites and mobile apps
  • Designing business processes around the customer
  • Extending functionality and developing new digital solutions quickly

Banking & Financial Services Use Cases

Digital Retail Banking

Digital banking is an opportunity to increase your knowledge of your customers and provide a better customer experience across digital and physical channels, while driving new revenue for your bank. Quickly add native mobile banking, create corporate portal and online banking sites, and cross- and up-sell products with targeted offers based on richer customer insight.

Mobile Experiences

Whether it is a personal banking app, a responsive wealth management website or a simple money management software/tool such as a budgeting mobile app, consumers want to access financial services through their smartphones. Liferay DXP helps you extend existing website functionality to mobile applications, without building anything from scratch. Maintain the same look and feel across your entire platform, and connect services on the back end so you can ensure experiences are consistent on every device.

Customer Self-Service

Savvy customers expect instant access to statements, invoices, quotes, service requests and transactions. A leading U.S. bank placed customer experience first in their strategy when they used Liferay to build a full-featured customer portal with convenient access in one place to products, services, documents and the customer’s own data, eliminating the previous headache for customers forced to log into multiple sites to get a task finished or a question answered. Using Liferay, the bank exposed core system deal data that was previously sent over email and integrated existing systems for a much improved, connected customer experience.

Single View for Customer Service Representatives

Lengthy calls to service centers can be frustrating for customers and stressful for customer service representatives. Liferay can help turn this touchpoint into a positive interaction by preparing your reps with a clear view of the customer information they’ll need for the call. A leader in the telecom industry uses Liferay to surface all relevant customer information to the rep before connecting to the customer, making it easier for the rep to quickly understand the reason for the call. This reduces wait times and costs, and both service reps and customers now report greater satisfaction with the call center experience.

Investor Advisory Portals

A financial planning firm uses Liferay to give its investment advisors tools for trading and account setups online. Detailed reporting gives them the information and insight they need to work with clients. A connected customer view allows clients to view their accounts, balances and performance reports so they can stay informed.

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