A More Personal Web Portal Solution

Liferay Digital Experience Platform's modern interface, built-in features and easy integration help our customers create portals that break down silos and connect to the rest of the business for more consistent experiences.

What kinds of web portals can I create with Liferay DXP?

Customer Portals

Let your customers complete transactions, access documents and get information online.

Partner/Agent Portals

Help franchisees, partners or field agents be more effective with personalized information.

Business Process Portals

Coordinate participation from multiple stakeholders in complex business processes.


With Liferay, Unisys created an intuitive, persona-based dashboard that integrates hundreds of business systems for one-tenth of the cost.

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We are transforming the way digital business is performed by changing the way the data is brought together and personalized for the individual. Liferay is at the leading edge of enabling that.

Richard Phelps
Global Director

What makes a Liferay portal successful?

Build It Quickly

Launch your web portal faster thanks to included features, simplified integration and useful developer tools.

A Modern Interface

Bring innovation from modern websites and apps into a unified platform.

Evolve Your Business

Unlock data silos for a full view of users and access to tailored information needed for true digital transformation.


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Portal Software Features

Identity, Groups, Roles

Single sign on, directory services, permissions, user groups, roles and user profiles.

Social Collaboration

Blogs, wikis, message boards, social ratings, comments and relationships.

Documents & Workflow

Document management with Sharepoint or Google Drive integration and custom business process workflows.

Content Management

Web content and publishing alongside your main applications.

Integration Platform

APIs, web services and messaging services for third- party software and systems integration.

Mobile Support

Access information, submit content and complete business processes from mobile devices.


This is how Liferay DXP is different:


A platform that can grow with your needs.

Start small by building a website, portal or intranet. Expand your vision later by quickly creating touch points across your customer’s journey.

Maximize Your Internet Portal Investment

Learn five best practices for building portals that fit your business and make the most out of your investment.