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Customer Profile Analytics

Pull customer data from multiple data sources into single secure view to create known users.

Visualise customer data through segment and individual profiles.

Build dynamic segments based on customer behavior and profile attributes.

Analyse individual interest, activity history and more.

Analyse segment interest, demographics and more.

Explore segments through groups and filter accounts based on attributes.

NEW! Enrich customer profiles with Salesforce and Account Data.

NEW! Gain insights for B2B with Account Profiles and ABM data.

Page Analytics

Visualise a page list and understand performance through an aggregate view.

Measure page performance by viewing amount of user sessions, number of visitors, nested assets and associated topics of interest per page.

Understand audience behavior patterns by day and time.

Track the performance of individual segments within pages.

Visualise scatter plot touchpoint charts.

Search and filter pages by segment, location, device and main KPIs.

Analyse bounce rate metrics and time for website visits.

Traffic and Path Analytics

Display traffic types and visualise a path for easy source identification.

Filter paths by segment, location, device types, time and browser.

Display number of assets and all assets by each touchpoint.

Filter interactions by each asset under the key touchpoint.

Asset Analytics

Track and visualise engagement levels for assets such as forms, blogs, documents, media and other pieces of web content.

Visualise a list of assets, per type, and understand performance through an aggregate view.

Forms reports detail the number of views, submissions, failed submissions, abandonment and completion time, user information and device usage.

Blog reports detail number of views, bounce rate and reading time, as well as engagement measurements, including shares, comments, clicks and ratings.

Documents and media reports provide the number of previews and downloads, engagement, ratings, comments and user devices.

Web content reports help users understand the number of views and clicks, as well as the current content engagement level, including the ability to drill down to better understand the audience.

NEW! Analytics for Custom Apps

Leverage tracking for custom applications developed on Liferay DXP on Analytics Cloud

Measure performance for custom development on Liferay DXP

Understand web behavior and other data points for custom development on Liferay DXP

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