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Make Real Transformation Happen

Unify Customer Experiences

Personal, omnichannel experiences for prospects and customers

See how Digital Realty created a seamless customer platform

Transform Business Operations

Equip your workforce with digital business processes and bridge operational silos

See how Unisys brings data together in a personalized way

Evolve Digital Strategy

Develop faster with a standardized platform that’s ready for change

Read how GRDF launched a web factory in only four months


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What makes us different?

Create experience and business models on the same platform

Other options require you to invest in multiple platforms and get them to work together. Liferay does more for less.

Unify your whole customer journey

Our customers have been using Liferay to engage prospects, onboard new customers, support existing customers, and create communities for loyal users. One platform for the whole customer journey.

Connect all your audiences

Liferay lets you connect your customers, employees and partners all in one place.

Developer friendly yet business savvy

Open source, flexible and fast. But with enterprise class support and usability. Keep both sides of the house happy.

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See What Liferay DXP Can Do

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