A platform for transforming your whole business.

Liferay DXP supports all departments, from marketing to operations to customer service.

Execute digital strategy quickly with the Liferay platform.

Keeping up with change means being prepared for whatever might come. Liferay is designed to be flexible and fast, so changes in strategy are quickly implemented, tested and evolved.


Create and manage modular business services, to quickly implement digital strategy.


Model business processes using flexible workflow tools.


A resilient platform scales to meet changing customer demand.

A customer’s purchase is just the beginning.

Closing sales is important, but so is on-boarding and customer service. Meet customer needs throughout the relationship with Liferay DXP.


Campaigns help you gain new customers and increase loyalty for existing customers.

Mobile Payment

Strong integration capabilities help with customer on-boarding or order fulfillment.


Customer Portals and Support Systems are a natural fit for Liferay DXP.

Bring your employees and partners into the customer journey.

With a heritage of powering great intranets and partner portals, Liferay DXP helps your employees and partners contribute to a great customer experience.

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Designed for Digital Transformation

Discover how digital experience platforms will empower you to deliver exceptional experiences to your increasingly connected customers, paving the road to advances in your digital strategy.