liferay digital experience platform
Launch Solutions Quickly and Customize without Compromise 
Liferay's flexible architecture provides all the tools you need to launch digital solutions quickly and customize them as your needs grow.

Launch Digital Solutions Quickly

With the latest Liferay 7.4 architecture you get a complete tool set to build and launch digital solutions quickly. Use our suggested applications to jumpstart your development, or create tailored solutions without compromising maintainability or agility, regardless of where you deploy your solution. Additionally, we ensure you stay current and secure with weekly updates that enhance the functionality of our release and protect you from security threats.

We Speak Your Language

Your custom application work can be done using any coding language that you choose. There is no need for your front-end developers to learn new skills, or for you to find and hire new talent -- your team can just use what works best for them as they build new applications. And they can use Remote Apps to easily connect external applications and manage them through Liferay.

We Play Nicely with Others

If there is a solution that you prefer over the one that is out of the box with Liferay, feel free to replace it. Our open APIs allow you to plug and play your own applications in Liferay, so you get to choose the best option for your organization. If you've already made big investments in your tech stack, having the ability to connect to different components allows you to save time and money. 

Additionally, if you want to use some of Liferay’s functionality in another offering, you can do that as well. Our goal is to give you the flexibilty to build the solution you need in the way that works best for you.

Jumpstart Your Tailored Solutions

If you want to use different applications, but don’t want the headache of creating everything from scratch, we have the ability to get you started. With Liferay you get access to Marketplace Apps and Solutions from our partners and developer ecosystems that you can install directly into your  environment. 

These solutions can:
  • Extend and enhance your platform's existing capabilities. 
  • Be priced separately and with different models, including value-based pricing. 

Tailor Made in the Cloud

Liferay’s Cloud is a secure and reliable enterprise cloud platform that provides the infrastructure and tooling necessary to simplify, secure, and deliver amazing applications on Liferay DXP. Even in our SaaS based offering, customers can deploy their tailored solutions and manage the entire lifecycle of their DXP with built-in CI/CD, automated backups, and monitoring and alert systems.

Liferay DXP is aware of the cloud solution that it is deployed to and all of the composable layers that make up a particular solution, including all the apps and extensions. This allows customers to manage apps and extensions directly through Liferay DXP.
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See how Excellus BlueCross BlueShield creates a seamless experience for its plan members, Medicare members, providers, employees and other users using Liferay.

Featured Architecture Capabilities

Unified Customer Data
Centralize disparate customer data to have the building blocks needed to deliver relevant and tailored digital experiences.  
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Integration Framework
Integrate external backend or legacy applications faster, and simplify complexity by connecting disparate systems, tools, and data into one unified view.
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Headless Delivery
Empower front-end developers to deliver richer, faster, and more responsive user experiences.
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Remote Web Applications 
Extend the functionality of Liferay without modifying the code base.
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Low-Code/No-Code Tools
Enable users to compose digital experiences without having to write a single line of code.
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See how Liferay can help you create a solution tailored to your needs.