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10,000 locations
Headquartered in France, Carrefour has over 10,000 locations worldwide

Carrefour Bank

Carrefour Bank used Liferay to replace their old customer portal, providing greater benefits to their clients and slashing costs for customer support.

The Carrefour Bank has been helping clients in Brazil since 1975. The self-service portal for the Carrefour Card, while functional, needed an update that aligned with Carrefour's long-term vision of a multichannel, full-featured platform. With Liferay Portal, the bank was able to create a new self-service portal that decreased costs for customer support while providing the ability to manage financial interactions. Customers can now access financial extracts, negotiate debt and credit, view various shopping funds, and more. The new solution also boosted business productivity for Carrefour by giving the marketing and business teams the independence to create and publish new content without IT support. Liferay Portal's flexible design decreased development times and integrated easily with Carrefour's legacy systems, leaving them ready for future projects and growth.

With Liferay, we have a robust and complete platform. The portal provides agility within projects and high quality implemented features, plus a long-term business vision.
Marcos Faria
Director of IT and Operational Support